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A genuine 300 year old family recipe and tradition on your taste buds!

The core of our recipes come from the Maroons who settled the mountains of Jamaica.  We use only fresh organic ingredients and authentic smoking woods to reproduce the 300 plus year old tastes today.  Each piece of chicken is treated with more than 26 hours of attention and love.

The History of Jerk

In the 1700's slaves escaped and hid in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and became known as Maroons. They had to keep watch closely to evade the British army from recapture. With food in short supply they learned to catch wild boars in the forest. Using salt , peppers and spices they learned to preserve the meat. They knew not when their next kill would be. The meat was spiced and wrapped in leaves to keep preserved. When it came time to cook it they placed it all in with hot rocks then covered or it was BBqued over a lattice of wood. This evolved with the use of different spices to the cooking style that we know today as Jerk.


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